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Colorado Concrete Repair offers a complete line of industrial floor coatings offer uncompromised strength, protection, and function for your specific need. We understand the unique needs of businesses, time constraints, budgeting, and maintenance.



CCR offers a complete line of “tough as Armor” floor coatings designed with industry in mind. Whether its chemical storage, distribution, wholesale, retail or even an aircraft hangar you can depend on CCR to exceed your expectations.



Our residential protection services are the bulk of our business and recommended for any owner to maintain the value of their property. Bare concrete is a porous surface that traps dirt, bacteria, and moisture leading to cracking and flaking. If there is one product that every owner needs to be aware of, it’s our protective penetrating sealer.



In the area of municipal/government CCR has been very successful in developing strategies in regard to public safety. If these concrete problems are left untreated or repaired, they can lead to unwanted liability with regards to slip and fall and other injury related issues involving unsafe concrete. Repairing unsafe concrete is cost effective way to retard unwanted lawsuits and helps to keep insurance rates affordable.

Need an Amazingly Looking and Smart Flooring Solution, You’ve Come to the Right Place.