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Pool Deck Coating Common Challenges

Pool Deck Coating Common Challenges

When choosing the best pool deck coating for your pool, consider these pool deck coating common challenges. Pool deck coatings are a great way to make your pool slip-resistant, cool to the touch, and protect the concrete from deterioration, but it is important to consider the challenges that come with most deck coatings and the benefits of paying more upfront for a high performance and durable pool deck coating system instead of re-coating it every couple years.


What is a Pool Deck Coating?


A pool deck coating is a protective material that is applied to a slab of concrete to make the pool deck safer and more durable. Pool deck coatings should be able to withstand the hot summer days and UV rays, as well as withstand the freeze-thaw winter environments. Some pool deck coatings are like paint, which can do well in environments that do not experience freeze-thaw, and others are more decorative and require sealer to be constantly reapplied. Our pool deck coating system is a high-performance coating that can withstand freeze-thaw and UV radiation, as well as protect the concrete from harsh chemicals and even salt water environments!! In this article, we’ll review five pool deck coating common challenges that we’ve found being in the industry for 8 years, so that you can have the knowledge to make the best business decision for your pool deck resurfacing project.


5 Common Challenges to Ordinary Pool Deck Coatings

  1. The most common problem we’ve seen on Colorado pool decks, both indoors and outdoors, is the tendency for the coating to chip and peel.
    • Chipping and peeling usually happens within the first couple years of coating installation if you do not get a coating that can withstand Colorado’s tough weather conditions. The material that is installed looks great at first, but shortly over time, it could chip.
    • It is extremely important prior to any coating installation to prepare the surface. This means repairing cracks and spalling, sometimes grinding the concrete smooth, and cleaning it. A well-prepared surface will have better adhesion!
    • Many coatings just aren’t ready to withstand the high UV radiation that Colorado has, and therefore, you’ll see the coating chip and peel in areas with high sun exposure.
  2. Most pool deck coatings do not stand up to the high UV radiation we have in Colorado.
    • Our UV rays in Colorado can damage not only our skin, but pool deck coatings and other outdoor surfaces if the material is not specified to handle UV.
    • With higher UV radiation, pool deck coatings must be able to protect the concrete slab from the harmful deteriorating effects. Many are not up for this challenge. You’ll see certain pool deck coatings that do well in places like Texas, where they do not have high UV radiation, but when you install that same pool deck coating in Colorado, it does not do as well.
  3. Pool deck coatings generally have a difficult time withstanding the freeze-thaw cycle in Colorado.
    • Coatings need to be durable enough and need to be flexible to stand up to the freeze-thaw cycle. Regardless of what type of coating you have, you still need to clean the snow and standing water off, just as you would concrete, but some coatings give better protection against the freezing weather than others.
    • As the weather changes from warm to freezing temperatures, and back again, the concrete and concrete coating move. Think of flowers as they bloom and then close again as winter approaches, so does concrete expand and come back in as the weather changes. Your pool deck coating should be able to move with the freeze-thaw conditions.
  4. Most people and businesses want their concrete to be slip-resistant and safe, yet feel good on the feet, however some pool deck coatings and sealers can be slippery.
    • Often if you want a decorative concrete finish, you may have to sacrifice the slip-resistance for the look. Many sealers become slippery when wet, but they need to be applied so that the decorative finish can be protected.
    • Our high-performance sand broadcast pool deck coating is slip-resistant and beautiful! We’ve tested different materials and resins and have found the perfect mixture of sand to help promote pool time safety, but not hurt the feet! Look out for this when shopping pool deck coatings.
  5. Some pool deck coatings are beautiful, but they trap dirt and grime.
    • In particular, the pebble coatings are installed in such a way that they have holes for dirt and other particles, even water, to fall through. This is detrimental for the adhesion of the coating.


Now that you know the top five pool deck coating challenges, you are equipped with the knowledge to choose your pool deck resurfacing company carefully. In summary, many pool deck coatings cannot stand up to the harsh weather and salt water or chemical pool conditions, and therefore chip and peel before their time, meaning you must re-coat every year or two. When you choose our pool deck coating system, know that you are making a valuable investment up front to last you a long time! Our pool deck coatings are durable, beautiful, UV-resistant, crack-resistant, slip-resistant, and should prolong the life of your concrete for years to come. Leave the work to us and you take it easy!


Call us today for your free estimate at 720-258-6571!

Pool Deck Coating Options

pool deck coating options

Review of Pool Deck Coating Options


There are many different options from which to choose when it comes to repairing your pool deck, and pool deck coatings are often a cost-effective solution, especially in comparison to replacing the concrete. Pool deck coatings come in all shapes and sizes, from cheap paint-on coatings to brilliant, designer, durable coatings. We’ll explain what to look for when deciding which system is best for your project by reviewing each of the following systems: Pebble Technology, Paint, Cement-based Coatings, Vinyl Chip, and Sandbroadcast.


Replace Your Pool Deck or Install a Coating?


First, when do you know when it’s time to replace your concrete vs. install a coating? Many people tell us that their pool is probably chipping, cracking, heaving, or spalling way too much for a coating. Sometimes this is true, however, often we can install our coating system after we repair and prep the surface. This often involves: cleaning the surface, filling cracks, patching spalled surfaces, grinding the surface, and washing again to ensure the coating adheres. We can handle multiple repair issues, but sometimes it might be best to replace the concrete. We’ll give you the best recommendation, even if that means not installing a coating. An example of when the concrete should be replaced is when it is a small area, such as less than 2,000 square feet; in that case, the cost per square foot just becomes too high for the coating. Another example would be if the concrete is crumbling and there are chunks of concrete missing from the surface. This would not be an optimal surface to hold a coating, and thus should be replaced.


Now that you have an idea of whether you should replace your concrete or install a coating, which should prolong the life of your concrete, considering you choose a quality system and a team of experienced professionals to install it, we will discuss each system, starting with Pebble Technology, also known as Pebble Tec.


Overview of Pool Deck Coating Options:


Pebble Technology:

This is an aggregate pool finish that offers different textures and colors to create a natural environment, using small to large pebbles from around the world.



  • Nature-inspired appearance
  • Slip-resistant
  • Cooler than some other coating options, like paint



  • Difficult to repair
  • Tends to delaminate and peel
  • Installers not in every state, like Colorado
  • High cost
  • Traps dirt, therefore harboring bacteria


Concrete Paint:

Concrete paint is exactly what it sounds like; it is a paint designed for concrete pool decks. It is like painting a wall in your house, except you paint a thin layer onto the concrete, then often seal it and apply a texture for slip-resistance.



  • Less expensive upfront
  • Large range of color options



  • Tends to chip and peel
  • Can be slippery if texture is not added
  • Highlights flaws in the concrete
  • Looks like paint


Cement-based Coatings:

A cement-based coating is a polymer modified cement that is installed onto the concrete surface at about ¼ inch thick.



  • Customizable look
  • Good texture when not sealed
  • Decorative appearance
  • Can hide flaws
  • Some are UV-resistant



  • Usually requires a high gloss sealer, which can be slippery
  • Tends to chip, peel, and crack
  • Needs sealer applied often


Vinyl Chip:

Decorative vinyl chips systems, or flake systems, are resin-based chip/flake flooring systems with paint aggregates that is either applied to a pool deck with a hand broadcast or by a hopper-blower gun.



  • Customizable: comes in many colors and sizes
  • Hides sub-surface imperfections
  • Colorfast, UV-stable pigments



  • Can be slippery
  • Can blister


Sand Broadcast:

This is our unique pool deck resurfacing system that we created with years of knowledge and experience in the concrete coatings and repair industry. It takes the strength of a parking deck coating with a resin-based base layer and blends it with local quartz that is thrown by hand evenly over the surface for a natural finish.



  • Slip-resistant
  • Decorative, but natural appearance
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Hides sub-surface imperfections
  • UV-resistant and chemical-resistant
  • Crack-resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Optional sealer


  • More expensive upfront investment than other options


In summary, there are several different options you have in comparison to replacing your pool deck. By looking carefully at each of the options listed in this blog, hopefully you have a better idea on where to spend your money: repairing or replacing, and which system to use that will best fit your needs. There are benefits to each kind of system, but when deciding which pool deck coating system, keep in mind the long-term investment decision. For a better system, like the sand broadcast pool deck system, it might cost more upfront, but it will be worth it in the long run, prolonging the life of your pool deck and making it look beautiful with a flexible, high technology sandy coating that looks like you’re on the beach. Contact us to save your pool deck today at 720-258-6571!




Apartment Complex Pool Deck Coating

pool deck coatings

A Pool Deck Coating is a Perfect Option for Multi-family and Home Owner’s Associations!

Last week we finished a pool deck coating at an apartment complex in Westminster, Colorado. In only five days we transformed the 4,000 square foot deck into a beautiful, slip-resistant, and durable pool deck. This kept the property management company from having to rip out and replace the pool deck, which would have been more costly and would have made more of a disturbance in the daily operations.


Our crew was excited to do this project! The pool deck needed some patching and minor repairs here and there, and we were up for the task! We had beautiful weather and the on-site team was great to work with. Even the residents stopped by to say hi when they passed by, asking us lots of questions about their new pool deck coating. The pool deck needed repairs, however it was in good enough condition to opt for the pool deck resurface instead of replacing it. Some things to look for when deciding whether to replace the concrete or to resurface it with a brand new coating are:

  • How big are the repairs needed? Are there deep holes that are more structural issues rather than aesthetic and minor unevenness in the concrete? If so, replacing might be better. If there are just minor repairs, consider having us install a pool deck coating.
  • Do you have a time limit or budget you’re trying to meet? Our crew can repair and apply our sandbroadcast pool deck coating system in a matter of days, depending on how big the deck is at around $6-8/square foot, again, depending on the size.
  • Do you want your concrete to last longer without having to replace it? Our sandbroadcast pool deck coatings are durable, flexible, and beautiful. After we prep the concrete thoroughly, which can include washing it with a pressure washer, patching, and even grinding the concrete, we broadcast this quartz into the coating base. This base coating is high technology and is used for parking decks, so it is durable as they come. Here’s this pool deck in the preparation stage of the process:

pool deck coating


A Pool Deck Transformed

The residents at 9100 Vance in Westminster can now enjoy the pool when the management company re-opens it. Depending on the temperatures when we applied the system, pool users can use the pool as soon as 24 hours after the application is complete. *Check with us if you have questions about specific timing for your project. The residents will appreciate the new, crisp look, and will appreciate that it is even and slip-resistant.

pool deck coatings


Call us today at 720-258-6571 for your new pool deck transformation!

A New Pool Deck Coating for a Mountain Resort and Spa!

A Winter Park resort’s pool deck makeover, September 4-9, 2016.

Devil’s Thumb Resort and Spa has a beautiful pool and so many other amenities for families, couples, and people of all ages and places in life. Their pool in particular is expansive and has a beautiful view of Colorado’s majestic mountains. We were delighted that they chose us to repair the pool deck’s concrete surface and apply our resort pool deck coatings. We were able to save them time and energy by giving them a final product that should last them years to come! Our sandbroadcast pool deck system is perfect for commercial properties, resort and spas, HOA’s, and even some residential properties.


How do Colorado Concrete Repair’s resort pool deck coatings differ from other companies?

When you work with us, you are in good hands. Besides all of that though, we use top of the line materials and are extremely diligent in our prep work, as well as in the finishing steps. Our sandbroadcast system uses locally sourced, beautiful and natural Colorado quartz, however there other quartz options from which to choose. This pool deck coating is durable, crack-resistant, and chip-resistant, meaning it should last our clients years to come. The sandbroadcast makes it so the surface is slip-resistant, which gives peace of mind. The Chief Operating Officer at Devil’s Thumb worked with the board to choose our pool deck coating because there other option was to rip it out and replace it. Fortunately they asked us our opinion and we were able to give them a cost-effective solution that will give them a good return on their investment. It took us one week to deliver a minimally invasive like-new pool deck that their guests could enjoy that Friday evening after a wedding and for years to come!



Call us today to schedule your free estimate at 720-258-6571!


Learn more about our pool deck system below or on our pool deck coatings page…


Pool Deck Sandbroadcast System: Making Pool Decks Beautiful Again

Our pool deck coating system is unique! We use only the highest quality materials and our craftsmanship to turn ugly pool decks into beautiful surfaces once again with minimal interruption to business. Are you faced with a choice to replace your pool deck due to spalling and cracks on the surface?
pool deck coating      pool deck coating
Consider our sandbroadcast pool deck system instead. It is durable! We prep the surface by grinding and patching the areas that need addressed, and then layer on our coatings. The last step is when we broadcast sand into the durable coatings. Oh my! This system will leave you with a  beautiful pool deck for years to come, as it is crack-resistant and chip-resistant. Your guests will love it! Our sandbroadcast pool deck system is also slip-resistant, giving your pool guests good traction with the locally sourced Colorado quartz. This will ease your safety concerns and leave your guests to enjoy the pool.
pool deck coatings      pool deck coating
This process takes less time than replacing the pool deck and makes less of a mess and interruption to pool activities. We’ve finished a resort’s 4,000 square foot pool deck in one week. They chose to invest in a pool deck coating instead of replacing it because the cost over the additional years they will get to use the pool was well worth it! Plus, they only had to close their pool for one week. In fact, we were able to give them a finished pool deck by Friday night for a big wedding party to end their joyous day!

Our pool deck coatings are:

  1. Durable
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Crack-resistant
  4. Slip-resistant
  5. Beautiful
What are you waiting for? Give your pool deck to us and we’ll transform it! Call us today at 720-258-6571 for your free estimate.

Pool Deck Gallery:


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Pool deck coating

Pool Deck Coating in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Pool Deck Coating

Colorado Concrete Repair finished a pool deck coating for a Greenwood Village community pool April 2016. The pool deck needed repairs before we coated it, so we went straight to work patching, grinding, and overall prepping the concrete surface, so that the coating would adhere and last a long time. The project took us one week and now the pool is ready to be used for the season. Luckily we finished it right before a spring snow storm hit!

We take pride in prepping each surface before we apply a coating or sealing the concrete. This step is arguably the most important step, because if the surface is not prepped correctly, the product(s) we apply on top may not last or adhere as well. Here’s how the pool deck looked before we put the coating on; this is the preparation part of the project.

Pool Deck Coating

Pool deck coating before Greenwood Village

Pool Deck Coating

Before pool deck coating – Greenwood Village

Our client wanted a pool deck system that was slip-resistant, looked nice, and would stand up to the water elements. He chose the Caramel Mountain 1/8″ Graniflex system, which provides ultimate flexibility and actually strengthens the surface, plus looks good.

First, we prepped and repaired the concrete surface, then we installed a primer water vapor coat, secondly a basecoat, and finally two polyaspartic topcoats. This is what the finished product looked like:

Pool deck coating

Greenwood Village Pool Deck Coating

Pool Deck Coating

Greenwood Village Pool Deck Coating

Is your pool deck ready for swim season? Call us today at 720-258-6571 to schedule a free estimate! We look forward to working with you! Check out our pool deck coatings page to read more!

Pool Deck Repairs in Denver, Colorado

Looking for pool deck repairs? Look no further.

Colorado Concrete Repair specializes in pool deck repairs and pool deck systems for commercial use or residential use. Are you ready for a pool deck system that will really spruce up your summertime lounge and play area? Colorado Concrete Repair has a pool deck system that will stun each person who visits your pool this summer. Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings will fix your pool deck using pool deck coatings to make your pool concrete come alive. Do you want that beautiful pool deck? Contact Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings for an estimate today. There’s no time but today to take your ordinary or ugly pool concrete and make it into a stunning summer environment. We can cater to your needs: slip-resistant, epoxy pool deck, sealed pool deck. You name it! We are here to listen and cater to your needs.  Check out a pool deck we transformed from ugly and cracked concrete to beautiful slip-resistant, water-proof, and easy-to-clean pool deck, just in time for summer!

Beautiful pool deck repairs

Beautiful pool deck transformed by Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings

Pool deck repairs

Close-up picture of beautiful pool deck transformed by Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings to show you the details

pool deck repairs

Ugly pool deck before it was transformed by Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings


Call us today at 720-258-6571 to make your pool deck look beautiful again.


Check out our slideshow to view how our pool deck system can work for you!