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urethane concrete floor maintenance

Urethane Concrete Floor Maintenance

5 Tips to Maintain Your Urethane Concrete Floor Investment

What is a Urethane Topcoat?


Urethane concrete floor maintenance is a necessary but easy solution to keep your decorative concrete floors or high performance concrete floors sterling and in pristine condition. Urethane top-coated floors and epoxy top-coated floors are a premier finish for newly poured or older concrete floors with character; they are almost twice as thick as acrylic sealers and form a high-build protective film on the concrete surface that provides excellent resistance to chemicals and abrasion.


urethane concrete floor maintenance

Now that you know a little bit about Urethane and Epoxy floors, we can delve into five tips for how to maintain urethane floors.


5 Tips on Urethane Concrete Floor Maintenance:


  1. Daily Maintenance: Dry mop the floor daily with an industrial dust mop. This will help remove dust and debris that can degrade the conductivity.
  2. Weekly Maintenance: Once a week wet mop the floor with a mix of non-residue* alkaline and water, and allow to dry.
  3. Bi-Weekly Maintenance: Every two weeks, auto scrub with a mixture of diluted alkaline non-residue floor cleaner to remove the ground in contaminants. In this process, use soft nylon bristle pads or red buffer pads. Be careful to not use too aggressive scrubbing pads because they could remove the gloss. If you have stubborn, ground-in scuff marks, you can use detergent. When using detergent, allow it to soak and then scrub.
    1. *Be aware that many detergents and cleaners leave behind harmful residues that reduce the conductivity of the floor finish. Make sure the floor cleaners you use are non-residue to keep the appearance of your urethane or epoxy floor.
  4. For an additional option, you can wax the floor, however this is usually not necessary. Keep in mind, once you wax a floor, you must regularly wax it to maintain the shine.
  5. Urethane or epoxy top-coated floors should last 10 or more years if regularly maintained. However, severe scuff marks can take a toll on the gloss and the overall look of the floor. Now, consider re-coating the floor.


urethane concrete floor maintenance


Overall, when considering what topcoat to choose for your concrete flooring project, keep in mind the environment, how long you want it to last, if you want to reseal it every couple years, and how you want it to look. Urethane and epoxy topcoats are good options for industrial use; they may be more expensive than other sealers, like acrylic sealers upfront, but they will last longer and are more durable. They are generally thicker than acrylic sealers and they come in many colors, they can be slip-resistant, and chemical-resistant, and are aesthetically pleasing. They can be applied to concrete that has been ground and stained concrete to protect it and give it a nice glossy finish. If you follow the tips in this article, you should get several years of life to your floor, therefore making it a very wise investment. However, these tips are only suggestions; we are not the experts, so please contact your cleaning vendor or a janitorial company like Jon Don to seek professional advice or secure a cleaning urethane concrete floor maintenance program to protect your investment!

An Epoxy Stain for a Dream Basement Remodel

epoxy floor

Epoxy Stain Floor, a Dream Floor

Our Highlands Ranch clients chose an epoxy stain floor look for their basement remodel. They are working with a well-known local remodeling company to transform their unfinished basement in the highly sought after Backcountry neighborhood. They really wanted their floor to be the star of the show, as well as wanted the color scheme to match their furniture and decor. Their basement transformation consisted of adding barn doors to their movie theater corner, whiskey barrel wood for their bar backsplash, and a nice seating area, where guests can view the people playing pool and darts. This basement is going to be so cool!!
When trying to decide what type of basement floor to have, they knew they wanted to keep their concrete floor, but transform it, too! They had some ideas on Houzz they showed us, as well as they already had an idea of a stained concrete floor being the perfect choice. We walked them through their options and the differences among the different types of floor stains and topcoats available to them. They originally thought the water-based stained concrete with acrylic sealer would be their best bet, but after we looked at their concrete, we chose to with an epoxy stain instead. The concrete had some patching due to adding plumbing for a new bathroom and regular stained concrete would’ve looked different in different areas. The epoxy stain was our best option; now it all matches and flows nicely, like a piece of artwork!

Benefits of epoxy stain floors:

  • Hides imperfections, like patching and glue in the concrete
  • Adds a one-of-a kind custom look that is absolutely incredible
  • Will make your guests “oooh” and “aaaah”
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable surfaced for spills
  • Protects the existing slab of concrete

Before pictures:

After pictures:


Transform Your Plain Concrete to Stained Concrete / WOODCRETE!!


Wood-stained concrete floor is a type of decorative concrete that will allow you to get the wood floor most anywhere you want. Whether you would like it inside, outside, in a basement, on a restaurant floor, woodcrete can go anywhere there is concrete.


With this beautiful design, you can make any room into the room you’ve always wanted. As you can see in these pictures below, your an have the color of wood you prefer more, but also that looks beautiful with the wood furniture that has the same color.


Give us a call today to transform your concrete! 720-258-6571!

wood-stained concrete floor

wood-stained concrete floor

wood-stained concrete floor

Stained Concrete Floors in Denver Loft

Why learn how to stain your concrete floor? Have the professional contractors at Colorado Concrete Repair deliver stained concrete floors for you! We work in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado. We complete concrete staining for commercial, retail, and select residential projects. Call today! 720.258.6571 or

Stained concrete in Denver

Stained concrete floors by Colorado Concrete Repair

find out more!

concrete table thumbnail

Stained Concrete Table

concrete table thumbnail

stained concrete table thumbnail

In the past few years, we have been specializing in concrete repairs and concrete coatings.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to produce a cement table.  It was a fantastic break from our normal work and gave me a chance to combine some woodwork and furniture making, two passions I hope to pursue more.

I am very pleased with the results a rustic, stained concrete top, and oiled cedar benches.

side image of concrete tablestained concrete table
closeup of stained concrete

Detail of stained concrete table

Please contact us if you are inspired or have questions.