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Denver Beer Co. Brew Kettles and Floor by Colorado Concrete Repair

Brewery Concrete Floor Coating for Denver Beer Co.

concrete floor coatings

Denver Beer Co. Brew Kettles and Floor by Colorado Concrete Repair


Colorado Concrete Repair Inc. worked with Denver Beer Co. in their new brewery/beirgarten to give them a concrete floor coating that  would be tough, beautiful, and tons of traction when wet.

Charlie and Patrick, the owners of Denver Beer Co. described what they needed from a floor.  “We need a floor that we can manhandle kegs on, good traction when beer is on it, and stand up to the heat of the brewing process.  We also need this to look good and be easy to clean.  And every day we wait on our floor, is another day without beer brewing.”

After consulting with product reps we decided to apply a HP Spartacote polyaspartic vinyl chip floor after installing polyurea in the many joints in the floor.   The concrete had been cut out for the floor drains and the pipes to the drains.  The floor looked like a jigsaw.  The polyurea allowed us to fill and shave the joints in around 30 mins.  We then got to concrete repairs with the many holes and dings from the floors former use as a automotive repair shop.  Spending this time on the floor helps keep the floor clean and gets rid of places for bacteria to hide.

Then we formed the cove-base to help keep the walls easy to clean when splashes happen.

concrete floor coatings

concrete coating covebase

The HP Spartacote system was installed in 4 coats with a custom color to darken the look, just in time for the pipefitters to hook up the boil kettles.

Two months later we enjoyed pints of Neighborhood Pale Ale with hops grown by friends and family of the owners, and the initial IPA I’ve enjoyed.



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