Professional Concrete Sealing Services By Coconcreterepair
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We provide professional concrete sealing services

Concrete Penetrating Sealer

Sealed Protected Concrete

Why is Sealed Concrete Important?

  • Freeze-thaw cycle can completely destroy the surface of the concrete if it has not been properly sealed, which leaves you with a headache to remedy.
  • Professional concrete sealing will help with abrasion and will reduce the amount of dust floating around.
  • Concrete sealers protect the concrete from surface damage, corrosion, and staining.
    • Sealers block the pores in the concrete to reduce absorption of water and salts.
    • Sealers can also form an impermeable layer, which prevents such materials from passing through.
  • After we properly seal your concrete, your finished project should remain in peak condition and appearance for 7-10 years.

There are two main sealer categories:

  1. Topical sealers (coatings)
  2. Penetrating sealers (reactive)


Penetrating Sealers

As described above, concrete is exposed to many outside elements that can deteriorate the concrete over time if not maintained. We offer a wash and seal system for concrete that is in good condition, like driveways that the were sealed originally and have gone through the curing process.

Concrete Penetrating Sealer

1/2 sealed

Penetrating Sealer Process:

  • Power wash your concrete
  • Apply penetrating sealer on the surface
    • This penetrating sealer will then chemically react with your concrete to provide sealer that penetrates into the concrete’s surface, so that when it rains, you will actually see a “dry” looking spot, where the sealer is applied.
    • When that spot starts looking wet again, it is time for another application. We’d be glad to set you up on a plan, where we’ll come back and treat that for you when it is time for the next wash and seal.

Stamped Concrete Sealing

Often times sealing stamped concrete can be frustrating, and if the pressure washer is not used correctly, it can damage the stamped concrete. This is why it is beneficial to have professionals, like Colorado Concrete Repair, seal your stamped concrete.

stamped concrete sealing

Stamped Concrete Sealing Process:

  • Power wash the surface to remove dirt and grime
  • Carefully apply sealer that is best suited for your stamped concrete.


It only costs $1 to $1.30 per square foot to professionally maintain your stamped concrete. Trust that you will be in good hands with us and leave your stamped concrete maintenance to the experts. We will help you protect your investment for years to come!


The stamped concrete color will fade over time if not sealed and maintained properly; in addition your concrete could deteriorate. It is more ideal to maintain the concrete then it is to replace it in the long run or try to fix it. Leave the maintenance up to us!

Why Choose Us?

In past decades attempts to protect concrete have included sealers ranging from wax to linseed oil. Today, high quality concrete sealers can block up to 99% of surface moisture. We have the experience, confidence, and product knowledge to assure you that you’re  making the right choice in having us protect your new concrete investment. Radon, Decra-Seal, and acrylic-resin sealers are some of your options. Our helpful staff will give you the best ideas possible to enhance your project.


It is a wise investment and worth your money to have professionals wash and seal your stamped concrete every 1-2 years, which this is our industry standard recommendation for sealing stamped concrete. We’d be happy to set you up on an annual or bi-annual stamped concrete reseal program, so that you don’t have to worry about your concrete maintenance; we will!

Below are photos of concrete sealing