Concrete Repair Services - Colorado Concrete Repair
Colorado Concrete Repair provides concrete services to epoxy, polish, or grind and seal your warehouse floors or other commercial space. Call us today!
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You Dream It Up, We Plan for It and Deliver

There’s no way we know what to do, without understanding and listening to your needs first. That said, our wide range of custom flooring solutions gets us a great vantage point, right from the start.


A few of the applications we’ve worked on…

Interior floors | retail spaces | warehouse | basements | manufacturing | industrial | chemical resistant | restaurants | kitchens | fitness center | spa | damaged concrete | commercial | industrial | municipal

Concrete Services

Concrete Grind and Seal

Surface Prep

Sometimes mistakes literally slip through the cracks. We save you headaches and heartaches by ensuring the success of your concrete repair or resurfacing project, even before we’re done.
(Learn more about our surface prep service)


Colorado Polished Concrete

Polishing concrete surfaces can help your facility project a bright, clean and professional image. But what’s under the hood might be even more attractive. What about less maintenance, energy savings, fewer moisture issues and longer service life?
(Learn more about our concrete polishing service)



Concrete Repair

Concrete has countless enemies. Quick fixes simply don’t cut it and what happens is you waste time and money on a resurfacing job you will have to pay for again, very soon. We like to go for the long haul, working as a team and making you part of it.
(Learn more about our concrete repair service)

Concrete Sealing

Imagine having your $1 to $1.30 per square foot insurance against chipping and peeling, dust, water and most of the devastating effects temperature and moisture might have on your concrete surfaces?
(Learn more about our concrete sealing service)


commercial concrete coating

Epoxy Floors

Are you looking to increase your workforce’s productivity and safety but you’re worried of how much it’s going to cost you? Ask the myriad of companies who’ve chosen floor coatings as their go-to surfacing solution.
(Learn more about our concrete coating service)

Stained Concrete Floorsstained concrete

You want and deserve more for your facility. Starting with the floors you and your staff walk on, to the air you breathe, day after day, for years to come. Stained concrete might be the perfect solution to accommodate every single one of these needs.

(Learn more about our concrete staining service)

Pool Deck Coatings

Imagine the nightmare of having to go through a complete pool deck demolition. Jackhammers, dump trucks and deafening noise! You love your pool but what happens when concrete becomes slippery and crumbles over time, courtesy of daily splashes and foot traffic? The fun wears off…

(Learn more about our pool deck coating service)

Need an Amazingly Looking and Smart Flooring Solution, You’ve Come to the Right Place.