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An Environmental, Economical and Social Solution…That Looks Great.


What are Epoxy Floors?

You may hear words like polyurethane or polyaspartic touted as the magical, or “go-to” solutions for your concrete floors and wonder what these could ever mean. We are not here to complicate your life with buzzwords that just throw you off. We’re here to provide you with solutions to your needs.

An Epoxy fluid is applied to the floor, to harden and bond with concrete, creating a new lasting surface. These floors can be simple, one-color floors, or they can be textured and multi-colored to satisfy various degrees of cleanliness and safety.

These “magical” compounds are ideal for coating your floors to give concrete surfaces a brilliant, elegant look and to protect them. These are tools we offer to deliver the best result possible based on your specific requirements and budget.

epoxy floors

The Colorado Concrete Repair Advantage

Imagine easier to clean and safer surfaces that look amazing. Thanks to the quartz we can embed into the floors, and our custom-textured finishes, you get the best of both worlds. Lower maintenance times and costs and a safer space.

These coatings also help in brightening your areas and make for a sustainable solution due to the less materials used. A smart investment when you think in terms of bottom line, energy savings and productivity increase.

The Process

  1. We prepare the surface by grinding or shotblasting.
  2. We clean the floor for better results and effectiveness.
  3. We apply the system you choose with us, based on exactly what you are looking for.
increased slip resistance from concrete coating

Epoxy floor installed after slip-and-fall injury in fire station

Take Action

Join the Many We’ve Helped Get More Out of Their Concrete Surfaces.

There are quite a few options you could choose from to achieve the look you want for your floors and to take advantage of epoxy coatings. Call us today at 720-258-6571 so we can guide you through them saving you time, guesswork and headaches.

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