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Your Denver epoxy floor professionals will deliver the epoxy floor system that works best for your project needs. Schedule your FREE estimate.
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Epoxy Flooring

epoxy floor

Epoxy flooring in retail

The classic alternative for concrete floors

Epoxy flooring has been evolved into a sturdy go-to flooring choice for many companies.

* We are using the term epoxy here but these could include other floor coatings such as polyaspartic or polyurethane.

Epoxy Benefits

  • Tough
  • Safety – personnel and bacteria
  • Protects concrete floors
  • Easy to clean
  • Chemical resistant
  • Looks sharp


We will be glad to meet with you and based on your needs we can design a custom epoxy floor to meet your needs.


Some of the items we will discuss are:

increased slip resistance from concrete coating

Epoxy floor installed after slip-and-fall injury in fire station


  • Cleanliness
  • Safety
  • Traffic
  • Budget


As excellent as a material as concrete is, there are still many elements that have to survive the long haul through out its existence. Colorado Concrete Repair is Denver’s Concrete Coating professionals choice for residential and commercial concrete projects. Concrete Coatings have an attractive appearance and designed for use on masonry and concrete construction. Concrete coatings are not only versatile, but sturdy and cost-effective as well. They also have outstanding durability and tintability to hundreds of colors.


The frantic rush of daily traffic, toxic chemicals, and levels of abrasion are all elements that concrete has to outlast. Since concrete floors are porous, they can create a lot of dust from constant wear and tear and years of punishing use. Here at Colorado Concrete Repair, we can best find an option for evaluating the surface and finding an ideal coating.  Epoxy chip systems, clear coat epoxy floors and metallic stain systems are all different ways to assure the longevity of your choice to withstand weather, heavy vehicles and bouncing basketballs. Classified by thickness, polymer type, appearance, and finish. There are quite a few options to make sure you don’t wind up with a resurfacing job years before you should have to.


Coatings can prevent water from penetrating into building interiors. The flexible film covers and hides hairline cracks, making uniform pinhole-free jobs easier and faster to achieve. Certain coatings can be used as a stand-alone product or over-coated to provide maximum performance in high-traffic areas.


Get a free quote on epoxy floors today.


Epoxy Floor Gallery

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