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Colorado Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is a great value option to dress up any concrete surface! We are experts in grinding interior concrete floors so that you can apply other flooring systems on a smooth, level surface, OR so that you can enjoy the concrete floor. We can also grind sidewalks and trip hazards as our exterior solution. We have top-of-the-line grinding machines that will get the big jobs done in a timely and efficient manner!


Interior Concrete Floors

concrete grinding

Colorado Concrete Repair provides services to grind and seal your concrete floor, customer area, warehouse floor, and more.

The process:

  • Removes top layer of concrete
  • Exposes a smooth finish, sometimes down to the aggregate layer

How we do it:

  1. Wash the surface and prep it
  2. Grind the concrete surface
  3. Add densifier to strengthen the concrete
  4. Apply penetrating sealer
    • Or we can apply acrylic sealer if you want more of a “polished concrete” look

The concrete grind and seal option is a process that removes the top layer of concrete, exposing a smooth finish and even sometimes down to the aggregate layer. We first wash the surface and prep it, and then grind it, add a densifier to strengthen the concrete, and finish by applying the penetrating sealer on top.


Benefits of Interior Grind and Seal:

  • Less expensive than polished concrete system, generally
  • Smooth concrete surface
  • Protected concrete surface
  • Keep original color and character of the concrete
  • Different finishes: matte, satin, or glossy
  • Less hazardous than before the grind and seal
  • Good for every day use


Grind and seals are also a good option for those who do not want the cost of fully polished concrete floor or a concrete overlay, but instead want the surface to simply be smoothed down and protected by a sealer. The original color of the concrete remains and you will have a matte, satin, or glossy finish. The concrete will be less hazardous and good for every day use.

Exterior Concrete Grinding

concrete grinding

Concrete grinding is ideal for removal of trip hazards on sidewalks and other uneven surfaces that need ground down. We specialize in grinding concrete, not leveling or lifting. Grinding concrete is perfect for situations where the concrete is risen about a quarter inch or less.


How we do it:

  1. Grind the concrete surface
  2. [Optional] Apply penetrating sealer


We will, first, measure the area to see how much grinding needs to be done. Then, we’ll give you an estimate; once you approve and we’ve answered all your questions, we’ll obtain a signed quote and sometimes a deposit. We will schedule you tentatively, depending on weather, which sometimes can be a few months out. Once we get to the job site, we’ll bring our heavy duty grinding machines, prep the surface, and start grinding the lips.


Often times, our customers will mark the areas with white or some color that sticks out, so that we can find the lips easily once on the job site to complete the work. We’ll grind all areas smooth, so that your surface will be smooth again! You’ll be pleased with how quickly we can take care of it and get you on your way to a safer work or business environment!


Benefits of Exterior Concrete Grinding:

  • Saves you money and time
  • Improves safety by grinding down trip hazards


The main reason our clients will choose us to grind their exterior concrete is because we are trustworthy and will grind down your concrete in minimal time with minimal mess.

 Call us today at 720-258-6571 or fill out our contact form to discuss your project!


Take a look at our photo gallery to see what concrete grind and seal can look like for your particular project. Concrete grind and seal grinds the concrete smooth and can expose aggregate or not depending on the condition and level of the existing concrete.

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