Industrial Concrete
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Industrial Concrete Services

Colorado Concrete Repair offers a complete line of industrial concrete floor coatings designed with your needs in mind. Whether it’s chemical storage, distribution, wholesale, retail or even an aircraft hangar, you can depend on Colorado Concrete Repair to exceed your expectations. No matter what the specifications call for, we have the coatings and the experience that your company needs to insure quality control and trust that your exact specifications are met and guaranteed.


In addition to offering a wide range of concrete floor coating options, Colorado Concrete Repair has the experience and equipment to polish your concrete floors. Polished concrete is a low maintenance option that stands up to the test of time. Take a look for instance at the Boulder Nissan auto shop floor! The concrete floor was deteriorating from the vehicular traffic, oil spills, and water. Boulder Nissan wanted a polished concrete floor so that the surface would be easy to clean and so that it would look good when customers visited the auto shop. Colorado Concrete Repair worked with them to get the industrial concrete floor they were looking for.

Boulder Nissan polished concrete floor


When maintaining an industrial concrete floor, you might run into disintegrating concrete with cracks or areas that need to be ground down and joints or cracks that need filled. Colorado Concrete Repair can help you with industrial concrete floor maintenance and keep it from deteriorating even further, or at least keep you from needing to replace the concrete and extend the life of your concrete. Colorado Concrete Repair has the expertise, equipment and material to make your industrial concrete floors stand up to the every day grind. Call us today at 720-258-6571 to discuss your project needs!

Industrial Concrete Floor Coating

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Our services include, concrete polishingflat epoxy coatingsurethane coatingsquartz broadcastchemical resistant coatingscaulkingpolyurea joint fillingconcrete repairsspalling repairssafety stripinghandicap decals, and company logos.

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