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Call your Denver polished concrete professionals today. We will transform new and old concrete into strong, durable and beautiful surfaces.
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Reaching Perfection, One Step at a Time.

polished concrete

What is Polished Concrete?

The process we use for polishing concrete is very similar to the one used to obtain a granite countertop. With it, we can turn any dull, or rough concrete surface into a smooth, shiny one. And we achieve this with a mechanical process, no coatings necessary. By varying the degree of polishing (grit) we are able to reach the desired gloss level you specifically need. No more no less.

Polished concrete can preserve its shiny, glossy look longer. It’s also stronger, and cheaper to maintain in most scenarios.


The Colorado Concrete Repair Advantage

When you work with us for your concrete polishing project, we’ll make it as easy and as effortless as possible for you to go from our initial meeting to the end result. Why complicating things when you can count on a team of expert professionals to get the job done right?

A great look is not the only benefit you can get with a newly polished floor. With the correct, low-cost maintenance work, it will literally last forever. Compared to other systems, you will not have to go through the hassle of having your floor completely redone.

Your spaces will become brighter and highly light-reflective and if you ever need to increase the shine, simply repeat a few steps of the process.

The Process

  1. We run a highly specialized grinder, designed to minimize scratching, at a typical progression of grits:
    • From 80 grit to 50 grit (stepping backwards to a lower grit it’s because thanks to a different type of pad, we can take out the scratches from the previous step).
    • Then from 100 grit to 200 grit.
  2. We densify and/or dye the floor.
  3. We then run 400 grit and 800 grit.
    • We rarely go above 800 grit; doing it would mean achieving a level of shine so high it’d be unrealistic to maintain.
  4. We apply polish guard.
  5. Then we burnish if necessary.
    • This gives the floor an even greater shine which you will actually be able to preserve through routine maintenance.

 Take Action

Making your concrete floor shine doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

By choosing what’s right from the start, you can reap the benefits of a low-maintenance, energy-saving and cost-effective flooring solution, without turning your surfaces inside out.

You can start making the right choice by calling us today at 720-258-6571.

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