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Our one-of-a kind pool deck coatings are slip-resistant, cool to the touch, beautiful and durable. They are perfect for indoor or outdoors!
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Your Favorite Beach Spot, Right in Your Backyard.


pool deck coatings

What are Pool Deck Coatings?

A pool deck coating is a decorative system we use to restore any old, deteriorating pool decks or upgrade existing ones. These coatings waterproof the concrete and are a great option for salt water pools or places where a de-icer is used.

The Colorado Concrete Repair Advantage

Imagine the nightmare of having to go through a complete pool deck demolition. Jackhammers, dump trucks and deafening noise! Our pool deck coatings remove the hassle and frustration from the equation. More importantly, they are gorgeous and will bring you right back to your favorite beach spot from the moment you set foot on them.

  • We locally source the sand they are made of to guarantee great durability and a safe, slip-resistant surface.
  • All our coatings are UV-resistant, to avoid discoloring.
  • They are easy to maintain so you can truly enjoy your time by the pool and not waste it.
  • The waterproof surface frees you from worrying about managing kids and overly excited guests.
  • These coatings are crack-proof. Once they’re installed, not much can harm them.
  • No sealers are required to prevent the coatings from chipping and peeling.


The Process

  1. We prepare the surface.
  2. We apply the coating.
  3. We complete by broadcasting sand into the coating.

Take Action

Give New Life to Your Pool Deck.

Call us today at 720-258-6571 to learn how we can increase the life of your pool deck or dramatically change it, with a simple, clean and efficient system, designed to guarantee your peace of mind and prolonged fun.

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