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Our one-of-a kind pool deck coatings are slip-resistant, cool to the touch, beautiful and durable. They are perfect for indoor or outdoors!
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Colorado Concrete Pool Deck Coatings

pool deck coatings

Relax, surrounded by the majestic Colorado mountains and a beautiful, durable pool deck, protected by our one-of-a-kind concrete coating system.

Colorado Concrete Repair provides clients with pool deck systems! Our pool deck coatings are top of the line and leave you with a slip-resistant, durable and beautiful pool deck for all your guests to enjoy. Pool deck concrete can become slippery, chip, and crumble over time due to the amount of water and foot traffic it receives daily. The benefit of having us apply our pool deck concrete system is that it will give you a durable surface that has traction, looks consistent, and is protected from the pool environment.


Benefits of Our Pool Deck Coatings:

  • Slip-resistant: ease your concerns about safety and allow your guests to enjoy the pool
  • Durable & Crack-resistant: our coatings are used in parking decks across the nation, which holds up to movement and vehicular traffic, so it will last and be a longterm investment
  • Beautiful: the locally sourced quartz we broadcast into our coatings looks natural and elegant; it is also consistent so that it is pleasing to the eye when you or your guests are spending a day pool side
  • Less mess*
  • Saves time*
  • Less expensive & Cost-effective*
  • Protected from pool environment (chemicals, water, weather)


*Save yourself the mess, time and money, and choose us to install your pool deck coating instead of replacing your pool deck! Generally replacing your pool deck takes more time than our system does to complete; it is more of a mess to rip out and haul away concrete…I mean, think about the dust and grime and noise…and it is more expensive to rip out and replace.


You have choices in color when choosing the pool deck concrete look you want. We are trained to expertly guide you through your choices, as well as trained to apply the system to your pool deck.


How we do it:

  1. Prepare the concrete surface by grinding, patching, and washing
  2. Install primer water vapor coat
  3. Install a basecoat
  4. Broadcast locally sourced quartz or color of your choice


Here’s how we apply the concrete pool deck system: first we prepare the surface. This means washing it to prepare for the next steps. Second, we install primer water vapor coat, similar to how you’d prime any type of a surface before you apply other layers on that need to stick to it. Third, we install a basecoat, which allows the topcoats to lay nicely. Fourth and finally we apply polyaspartic topcoats. This final step gives you the desired concrete pool deck system that you want and deserve! Bye bye cracked and disintegrating concrete; hello shiny new beautiful pool deck.


We specialize in all sorts of pool decks: interior pools and exterior pools, even showers and locker rooms! We apply our concrete pool deck system to pool areas outside clubhouses to your own personal home pool area. Talk with about your ideas for what kind of pool surface you want or need and we’ll make it happen!


What are you waiting for? Give your pool deck to us and we’ll transform it! Call us today at 720-258-6571 for your free estimate!


Concrete Pool Deck Gallery


We can also use our pool deck sandbroadcast system for bridge and walkway repairs.