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stained concrete
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Stained Concrete Professionals

stained concrete

Colorado Concrete Repair is your contractor of choice when it comes to concrete staining, and we offer many options from which you can choose. There are a variety of types and colors from which to choose in this area that you’re going to want our expert guidance and assurance that you’re completing the job with the best materials available. There are acid based chemical stains and water based stains as your main choices.

Acid based stains have a chemical reaction with the concrete that creates many different kinds of colors, which adds unique dimension and character to the project. You can apply stains to existing or brand new concrete floors. You’re going to love the color that won’t fade away in just a few months, truly delivering a long lasting impression of décor and style. You can use just one color and keep it simple, or you can build a custom look with multiple stains that will be well admired.

Acid Staining

Acid staining is not a dyeing or pigment-base coloring system, but a chemical reaction. In this process, we apply a mixture of water, mineral salts and a slight amount of muriatic acid to the concrete surface. A chemical reaction occurs with the existing minerals, primarily lime, over a period of one to four hours, which creates new earth tones on the concrete surface. We then scrub the concrete surface to remove excess stain and to neutralize with a basic solution of ammonia and water or baking soda, which helps raise the ph level back to normal. Due to inconsistencies in the surface level of concrete floor, acid staining creates a variegated or mottled appearance that is unique to each slab. The color penetration ranges from 1/16 to 1/32 of an inch. Older exterior concrete surfaces may not color as well as interior surfaces because the environment has leached or percolated out the mineral content. As well, any exposed aggregate (rocks) in worn concrete will not accept staining.

Chemicals commonly used in acid staining include Hydrochloric acid, Iron chloride and Sodium bicarbonate.

Water Based Staining

Water Based Stains are similar to acid based stains in the sense that one can still achieve a translucent look like acid; some stains are able to achieve an opaque color and/or a translucent effect. The main difference is that acid stains react to the concrete and change the physical make up of the concrete material, whereas water based stains are more of a “coating” that bonds with the concrete. There are many variations of water based stains that have come into the decorative concrete industry that perform in a number of different ways. Some are polymer based, acrylic and epoxy.

Here at Colorado Concrete Repair, we will guide you through the process of getting the best stain option for your project, and when we’re finished, you’ll be dazzled at the outcome.
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