Colorado Concrete Repairs Pool Decks in Denver, Colorado

Looking for a pool deck system that will really spruce up your summertime lounge and play area? Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings has a pool deck system that will stun each person who visits your pool this summer. Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings will fix your pool deck using pool deck coatings to make your pool concrete come alive. Do you want that beautiful pool deck? Contact Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings for an estimate today. There’s no time but today to take your ordinary or ugly pool concrete and make it into a stunning summer environment. We can cater to your needs: slip-resistant, epoxy pool deck, sealed pool deck. You name it! We are here to listen and cater to your needs.

Beautiful pool deck

Beautiful pool deck transformed by Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings

Close-up of transformed pool deck

Close-up picture of beautiful pool deck transformed by Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings to show you the details

Pool deck before Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings transformed it

Ugly pool deck before it was transformed by Colorado Concrete Repair and Coatings

Check out a pool deck we transformed from ugly and cracked concrete to beautiful slip-resistant, water-proof, and easy-to-clean pool deck, just in time for summer!

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When it comes to your concrete you want the best coatings possible. And the great news is that you have found the finest Denver Concrete Coatings company around. We know that durability is important to Coloradoans so we use the best …learn more

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Stained Concrete Floors in Denver Loft

Why learn how to stain your concrete floor? Have the professional contractors at Colorado Concrete Repair deliver stained concrete floors for you! We work in Denver and the surrounding areas of Colorado. We complete concrete staining for commercial, retail, and select residential projects. Call today! 720.258.6571 o

Stained concrete in Denver

Stained concrete floors by Colorado Concrete Repair

r find out more!

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Colorado Concrete Repair Successfully Completes Work at -17F, Denver, Colorado

The Schwans Company reached out to Colorado Concrete Repair to address the quickly deteriorating concrete in the warehouse freezer room. We stepped inside the -17 degree room to survey the broken up concrete. We saw two large patches about an inch deep with large aggregate exposed deteriorated from chipping at ice and forklift traffic. The area was now uneven to drive on and this can damage the circuitry in the forklifts.

The Schwans company also received a bid to replace the concrete. They chose to have us repair the concrete after seeing our quicker turnaround time and a price tag less than 1/2 that of replacement.

Business in the warehouse went on as usual, as we worked in a specified area, utilizing dust control, allowing little dust to effect other areas. These kind of temperatures are difficult to work in, and even tougher to get proper proper bonding of repair materials in.  However, we have learned techniques from training and past experience in freezer rooms to ensure a successful bond ready for forklift traffic.

First, we profiled and keyed in the repair areas to increase mechanical bonding. We then heated small areas up, primed the areas, and patched them with Flexkrete.  We warmed the patches up to speed the set time and thin the material. The patches were overfilled so that we could ground them down perfectly smooth. Even though we worked in negative temperatures, the patch material still worked well. We were able to come through for the Schwans Company by fixing their concrete in a matter of only 3 days.

Concrete repaired

Area repaired with Flexkrete

-17F in freezer room

Surface temperature reading during repair in freezer room

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Epoxy Flooring System

epoxy floor

Slip resistant easy to clean epoxy floor.

Are you looking for a way to change that plain concrete floor into a beautiful functional floor? To give your workers that extra sense of pride about their workplace? Look no further because Colorado Concrete repair has the answer. Have your floor looking better than new with our epoxy chip systems! Having a chipped floor installed will provide you with scratch resistance, slip resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, and also lots of durability. Make your floor more beautiful than ever by giving us a call for an estimate. Great quality, at a good price, with quick turn around times.

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Brewery Concrete Floor Coating for Denver Beer Co.

Denver Beer Co. Brew Kettles and Floor by Colorado Concrete Repair

Denver Beer Co. Brew Kettles and Floor by Colorado Concrete Repair

Colorado Concrete Repair Inc. worked with Denver Beer Co. in their new brewery/beirgarten to give them a concrete floor coating that  would be tough, beautiful, and tons of traction when wet.

Charlie and Patrick, the owners of Denver Beer Co. described what they needed from a floor.  ”We need a floor that we can manhandle kegs on, good traction when beer is on it, and stand up to the heat of the brewing process.  We also need this to look good and be easy to clean.  And every day we wait on our floor, is another day without beer brewing.”

After consulting with product reps we decided to apply a HP Spartacote polyaspartic vinyl chip floor after installing polyurea in the many joints in the floor.   The concrete had been cut out for the floor drains and the pipes to the drains.  The floor looked like a jigsaw.  The polyurea allowed us to fill and shave the joints in around 30 mins.  We then got to concrete repairs with the many holes and dings from the floors former use as a automotive repair shop.  Spending this time on the floor helps keep the floor clean and gets rid of places for bacteria to hide.

Then we formed the cove-base to help keep the walls easy to clean when splashes happen.

concrete coating covebase

concrete coating covebase

The HP Spartacote system was installed in 4 coats with a custom color to darken the look, just in time for the pipefitters to hook up the boil kettles.

Two months later we enjoyed pints of Neighborhood Pale Ale with hops grown by friends and family of the owners, and the initial IPA I’ve enjoyed.

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Stained Concrete Table

concrete table thumbnail

stained concrete table thumbnail

In the past few years, we have been specializing in concrete repairs and concrete coatings.

Recently, we were given the opportunity to produce a cement table.  It was a fantastic break from our normal work and gave me a chance to combine some woodwork and furniture making, two passions I hope to pursue more.

I am very pleased with the results a rustic, stained concrete top, and oiled cedar benches.

side image of concrete tablestained concrete table
closeup of stained concrete

Detail of stained concrete table

Please contact us if you are inspired or have questions.

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